Brow Shaping Step By Step. Tweezers, Thread, Or Wax?

how to shape brows at home

How to pluck your brows to make them look fashionable but also match your features and your face shape? How to do it and which method should you choose to ensure you don't end up in tears? Is it best to choose tweezers, thread, or maybe wax to shape your eyebrows? Here's our guide to brow styling and shaping!

Eyebrow shaping - how to do it correctly?

To shape your brows properly, you need to follow a few rules to ensure your arches look flawless and you can avoid any beauty mishaps. First of all, remember to only remove stray brow hairs below your bottom brow line. Pluck only single hairs growing above the top brow line. However, remember not to disturb your natural brow shape. Overplucking the top brow line may result in wrong proportions, brow asymmetry, and brows not matching your face shape. Unfortunately, mistakes made while shaping the top brow line are difficult to fix later on.

Thick eyebrows look great and add a youthful look to the face, but bushy brows or the dreaded unibrow no longer look attractive, as they make you look permanently angry. Skinny arches, super fashionable in the 1990s, also don't do your face any favors. The trend for skinny brows is long gone, as they hardly suited anyone. Naturally shaped and neat arches are in nowadays, matching the shape of your face. How to properly shape your eyebrows? The best way is to leave them looking natural and nicely defined. It is best to try to maintain their original shape, just gently defining their correct outline.

How to match your brows to the shape of your face?

Your brows matching your face shape is key - only then they can truly look flawless. Therefore, don't fall for the ever-changing brow trends. Your eyebrows should fit you, not the latest trends. How to achieve the perfect brow shape to flatter your face shape and camouflage any imperfections?

How to determine the best eyebrow shape

How to pluck eyebrows: by yourself or by a beautician?

Generally, you can pluck your brows on your own quite easily, but you should keep in mind that mistakes are hard to avoid. If you pluck your brows incompetently, you may disturb the proportions of your face and create a cartoonish look. Over-plucked eyebrows are a real nightmare, as they make your face look constantly puzzled. If you're having trouble properly defining your eyebrows, do it with the help of a professional beautician. She will give your brows the perfect proportions. Following that, it will be easier to maintain the correct brow shape - you just have to pluck the single, regrowing strays.

Eyebrow plucking- invest in a good pair of tweezers

How to easily pluck eyebrows at home? First of all, choose a good pair of tweezers! Your choice shouldn't be random. The tips should be sharp and the edges should perfectly meet each other to ensure they grasp every hair, even the shortest ones. Good tweezers have an ergonomic shape, not too big to fit the hand well. The matte coating works better to prevent them from slipping out during the procedure. Thick tweezers prove hard to grasp and pluck brow hairs, often pinching the skin, which can result in severe irritation. Grasp the hairs between the tips and pluck them out in a firm and vigorous motion. If you're unsure whether you should remove a hair or leave it, it's best to just let it be to avoid the problem of sparse brows. Try to make the eyebrows taper smoothly at the end - the tail should be vaguely thin and spike-shaped.

Tweezers. How to pluck your brows properly?

Eyebrow plucking is one of the most common procedures you can do yourself. How to pluck eyebrows at home to make them look neat and shapely and match your face shape? There is a method for determining the correct proportions of the eyebrows. You'll need a thin and long stick - a pencil or a makeup brush can also do the job.
Place the stick on the side of your nose and hold it at an angle towards the inner corner of your eye. It should not be over the eye area. Where the stick edge hits the brow line – this is the beginning of your brow and should be your starting point. Next, hold the stick on the side of your nose, straight up over the eye, and at the point where it hits the brow bone is your arch. Finally, place the stick on the edge of your nose and align it with the outer corner of your eye to find the end of your brow.

The perfect eyebrows for your face shape

Eyebrow plucking step by step

How to pluck your brows to avoid beauty mishaps? Check out our step-by-step guide to using tweezers.

1. Cleanse the skin - your face and your eyebrow area must be clean and degreased. It's best to pluck your brows after a bath when the skin is softer - it will be less painful. Remember: pluck your eyebrows in daylight, preferably by a window and use a magnifying mirror.

2. Brush your eyebrows with a special comb or, preferably, a soft spoolie. Comb the hairs in an upward direction, toward the temples.

3. Determine the beginning, arch, and the end of your eyebrow and outline your brow with a nude pencil. It will allow you to check how your eyebrows will look following the procedure. If you find them too narrow or too thick - rub off the outline and repeat it until you get the look of your dreams.

4. Now reach for the tweezers. Pluck out the hairs in a firm motion, following the direction of their growth. You can ease the pain by applying an ice cube to the skin straight before the procedure. Remember to only pluck the lower brow line. You can only remove stray hair from above the top line.

5. Remember to maintain the correct brow symmetry. When it comes to plucking, less is more - if a hair grows inside the outlined shape and you are unsre whether to remove it - it is best to let it be. It's better to do touch-ups following the procedure if necessary, than expose yourself to the problem od sparse brows. You can pluck the hairs alternately, once from one eyebrow and once from the other - to make them look perfectly symmetrical.

6. Step away from the small mirror and look at yourself in the larger one: your eyebrows should be visible at a distance of an arm stretched out in front of it. Do not rush, keep moderation, and remember to maintain the correct symmetry to ensure successful plucking. 

How to pluck eyebrows without tweezers?

  • Threading

Did you know that eyebrow plucking with tweezers is not the only possible technique? Asians have been using a simple cotton thread to pluck hairs for centuries. This technique is known as threading. How to pluck eyebrows with thread?

Get a thread about 40 cm long and fold it in half. Tie the ends so that they form a loop, then pass your fingers of both hands through it. Twist the thread to form a weave in the middle. Holding the thread in both hands, alternately move the weave once to one side and once to the other. Then the hairs get between the threads, which are grasped and plucked out with the follicle. Eyebrow threading takes practice, but once you get the hang of it, you will find it is the fastest and most precise method of eyebrow hair removal!

how to thread eyebrows diy

  • Waxing

Waxing is s popular method of eyebrow hair removal offered by almost every beauty salon.

It is popular as it is the least painful and extremely fast method of hair removal. Regrowing hairs are simply plucked out at once, in one quick stroke. This method is, however, discouraged for home use. This is because it requires the right equipment, preparation, and knowledge of the technique. Eyebrow wax must have the right temperature and consistency to pull out the hair. Without skill and experience, unfortunately, it is easy to burn the delicate skin around the eyes.

Redness following eyebrow plucking. How to get rid of it?

Following plucking, redness and slight swelling may appear. This normal symptom goes away fairly quickly. If you want to ease these effects, apply a cold compress to your eyebrows: wrap a couple of ice cubes in a tissue, or chill a jade face roller in the refrigerator, then gently press it to the skin. If the irritation persists, lubricate the irritated area with panthenol or allantoin ointment.

The most common mistakes in eyebrow plucking

EYEBROW DISPROPORTION - too thick or too thin eyebrows. This is a common mistake, resulting in over-plucked eyebrows tails which disturbs the correct proportions of the face.

VERY THIN EYEBROWS - this was the bane of the 1990s. Fortunately, nowadays, eyebrows plucked to the limit are no longer fashionable, although some women still style their brows this way. Unfortunately, they don't do your face any favors, and defining them with a dark brow pencil creates a cartoonish look.

UNIBROW - the fact Frida Kahlo sported it does not mean you can also rock this look. Unibrow doesn't do your look any favors as it makes you look angry and makes your features seem sharper.

OVER-PLUCKED INNER BROW EDGE - an over-plucked space between the eyebrows creates a disproportion between the nose, the corner of the eye, and the eyebrow arch. This mistake is often made during touch-ups following plucking. Sometimes, you can go too far and accidentally achieve the effect of a constantly puzzled look.

Help, I over-plucked my eyebrows!

This happens even to those already skilled in eyebrow plucking. Sometimes, out of rush or impatience, we pluck out 2 or 3 hairs too many and create sparse areas in the eyebrows, which unfortunately don't do us any favors. What then? How to make your brows grow back faster? There is a solution to this problem - just get a good eyebrow serum like the one from Nanobrow. Used regularly, it makes the hairs grow back in no time, but in addition, it conditions, nourishes, and strengthens them from the very root. Nanobrow serum is a quick and great hack for beautiful and thick eyebrows, which you can shape to your liking!


However, before your brows grow back, you can camouflage any imperfections with makeup! Reach for good brow makeup products like a precision pen, pencil, or pomade which allow you to fill in your brows with pinpoint accuracy. Thanks to this, you won't even notice when your brow hairs will grow back and become healthy, beautiful, and strong!

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